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Hi - my name is Ehsan Zaffar. I’m an educator and civil rights lawyer. I also host UnfairNation - an interview podcast on power and inequality.

Every week I share concrete ways you can combat injustice - from working to reduce insanely high prescription drug prices to reforming this nation’s law enforcement. With a bit of humor thrown in. Join 17,200+ passionate people by subscribing now.

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UnfairNation newsletters and podcasts are like those rare conversations you have with good friends about things you both really care about changing: interesting, hard to stop, and non-toxic. You learn a bit and walk away with a renewed sense of purpose. 

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  • A passionate community of smart, curious people who don't take themselves too seriously.

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Founder, civil rights lawyer, law professor. Past: Civil Rights during Obama Admin. Now: Chief Difference Engineer @ Arizona State University. Check out the UnfairNation podcast: