UnfairNation by Ehsan Zaffar
Watch the Watchers
Watch the Watchers
Does documenting the police make them better?

Does documenting the police help make them better?

We are a violent country by almost all measures, including the number of citizens in the United States who are assaulted or die at the hands of police. 

In this episode, I’m talking to someone who is looking to end police brutality by shedding light on how the Los Angeles Police Department responds to calls. My guest William Gude has been running “Film the Police LA” for the last several years, a project that is part of a growing movement of “cop watchers” who leverage technology to document and then share how police respond to incidents, believing that doing so will change the way policing functions on a day to day, street to street level. 

Let’s listen to what William has to share about his work, why he feels its important and how others can get involved safely and responsibly in this work.

UnfairNation by Ehsan Zaffar


UnfairNation is a podcast that discusses our nation's rising inequity and social, political and economic inequality. What it means for you and what you can do about it. Every so often we interview one person to understand their lived experience with inequality. The UnfairNation Podcast is recorded at the historic Herald Examiner Building in Los Angeles, in collaboration with The Difference Engine at Arizona State University. Thanks for tuning in!

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